Starting an afterschool program

July 5, 2017

Hey everyone


So it has been on my mind for a long time to start an afterschool program. For sooo long I have wanted to make a difference and helping kids is what I like doing- want to do! 


I keep thinking about my childhood and though it was great, I wonder who I would be today or how I would have processed life,friends, future differently. I want so badly for kids to experience their "more". More than where they are now, more than who they think they can become- to reach beyond their immediate surroundings and to dream for what they can attain.


A child learning how to take care of themselves healthily. A child meeting entrepreneurs knowing that they can be successful business owners and what it takes to truly become that. Sure I met doctors, lawyers, dentist etc. but I don't remember them standing out. I don't remember anyone telling me I could own my own business and what the steps were. I want that for so many more kids.


So come and send your kids to my afterschool program. It will enrich their lives and I will ensure they get homework help and the tutoring that they need. We will have structured events for fitness, life skills, engagement and of course homework and tutoring.


Email us at for details or cal 864-642-5933


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