There are so many options today for fitness.  Our passion for the past 9 years have been functional fitness and the importance of this.  After two children back to back, both being active duty Army and seeking the best fitness arena possible has been a challenge.  Running into gyms that have expensive fees, but no coaches to help with weight training. We were wanting a gym that could feed my little ones a snack while my wife works out and a gym with more nutrition than the occasional muscle milk that cost $3.00.


Our gym seeks to provide Vixen Muscle Functional Fitness bootcamps targeting women who want a change.  From truly learning nutrition (not a weight watchers program), learning what your body can truly achieve.  Whether as a stay at home mom, co-oop mom, working mom or the single woman wanting to get into a functional fitness group without big machines, we are here for you!


You don't have be intimdiated by big groups (we will only have a small space) or not knowing what or where to begin (we will teach you) you can come and sculpt your body and seek nutritional advice.


Service Members, Teachers, Daycare Teachers, Firefighters, Nurses and Law Enforcement get a discount


Group classes can be available for those who work SHIFT schedules**                               

Piloxing will be $10 a session


TRX $15 a session and Primal 7 is $20 a session.. email or call for one time drop ins  


Group pricing avaliable at unlimted TRX for $50 a month; unlimited Primal7 for $70 a month