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Are you ready to become the difference?  Dynamic, Intense, Victorious and Accomplished???? Let me help you reach your goals.

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D.I.V.A. is an all womens bootcamp.  We use suspension band trainers,  ropes, weights, barbells and more.  WE don't have machines, it is all functional. We offer 3 days a week and unlimited. 2 days a week $80 3 days a week is $99.00 and unlimited is 125.00 ($5 versus $6.25 a workout).  One on one classes available as well.

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we are 1 on 1 training; meal prepping; holding each other accountable; flexible scheduling

Piloxing, PiYo, Power Yoga and Barre!!!


D.I.V.A is a bootcamp style workout that includes nutrition and accountability.  This particular program is for women only.

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TRX and Primal 7 are new to the industry.  Combining body weight exercises, HIIT and a few other strength training moves to prove a very rewarding workout.  Available for group settings and for one on one training.  www.primal7.com or google TRX suspension trainer to see what they are both about.